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PLEASE consider being a Mt. Hebron Club/Sports Team Parent Representative!!! Be the liaison between your child's club/team and the Viking Backers.

Volunteering to be a Parent Representative is fun and rewarding, but most importantly, you will be  involved with your child’s school and sport team or club. Being a parent representative is not overly time consuming and most of the duties can be done in the comfort of your own home at your convenience!

Each team sport and club should have at a minimum of ONE parent representative, but several representatives are great to have for one team. Having several team sports/club representatives allows the parents to share the duties and gets more parents involved!! PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended a parent holding a position on another committee (PTA, Viking Backers, etc) should stay focused on the one committee and hold only one volunteer position at a time.

The Parent Representative duties are simple, but can truly make a season successful with positive communication, successful fundraising, and garnering team/club spirit!

PLEASE let your COACH and the VIKING BACKERS know as soon as possible (as early as this evening), if you would like to represent your child’s specific team sport or club, so we can begin communicating with you as soon as possible. Thank-you in advance for helping the Mt Hebron High School and the Viking Backers Booster Club make your child’s club or team sport experience the best it can be!!

More information is detailed in the checklist linked at the top of this page.

Club/Team Representative Information