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Viking Backers

September 10, 2014

Dear Viking Backers,

We wanted to thank you for your generous combined donation of $18,277.00 to our various clubs, program and athletic teams.  it's because of supporters like you that allow our students to grow and thrive in extracurricular activities.


Bryan Scott Ruehl

On behalf of the members of the It's Academic Club, I would like to thank the Viking Backers for their generous financial support.  With this money we will be able to continue receiving updated preparation materials and participate in local competitions.  Our first competition is at Centennial High School in the early winter and our first round of taping for the WJZ sponsored It's Academic competition is on January 10th.

Please extend our appreciation to the entire organization.

Bryna Weiss
It's Academic Sponsor

Thank you all so much. It means a lot to our club team. [ice hockey] Thanks for your support!! //Carsten